Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 moveset: Hit-Girl

The 11 year old killing machine who more than deserves a spot in this game.


Normals & Assists:
Gun Shots: Hit girl pulls out 2 hand guns and fires 4 shots.
Sword staff Spin: Spins staff for 3-5 hits.
Two is better than one: takes staff apart to form two swords, slashing for 2-4 hits.

Other Normals:
Knife Rope: Throws the knife at opponent if it hits she (L) draws them closer. (M) draws them in and upward slashes them. (H) draws herself closer flips over on top of them and shoots them in the head.

Command Grad:
She grabs you turns staff into two swords and stabs you viciously.

Standing L: Forward slash with the staff sword.
Standing M: round house kick.
Standing H: Flip kick with one leg.
Standing S: both hands on sword staff to swing it upwards launching opponent.

Crouching L: Side Kick
Crouching M: Staff stab
Crouching H: Leg slash with sword staff

Air L: up strike with sword staff
Air M: stab with sword staff
Air H: spin slash with sword staff
Air S: Downward slash that slams you down

Hyper Combos:
Stab staff: Swings staff with both hands
Sword Time: Takes the two swords runs at opponent slashing and flipping followed by a gunshot

Level 3:
The screen becomes night vision for a brief period and then black all that can be heard is rapid gunshots, then screen starts blinking followed by more gun shots, finally all that can be heard is one last gun shot.

Winning animation:
Hit-Girl says "Shows Over" and shoots the camera
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