Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wesley Snipes may consider being Blade again?!

Wesley Snipes the man who I believe single handedly brought comic book movies to the highest level with his portrayal of Blade in the movie of the same name. While Snipes was the second best representation we had for African American super hero movies, Michael Jai White portraying Spawn in the movie adaptation in 1997 beat him to the punch but the more the merrier right?

Wesley Snipes as Blade

Micheal Jai White as Spawn

I bet you were wondering the same thing I was asking all these years after Blade Trinity was released. Are we going to see more of Blade and Wesley Sniped returning to the role of the day walking bad ass vampire? Well Snipes has been quoted saying the following from prison.

"Getting asked this question all the time, my response is: 'Under the right circumstances, with the right team, yes, I'd do another one.' But don't get me wrong, I'm not waiting around for the opportunity. I've got plenty to do, plus an unraveled character in the works who I think will give Blade a helluva run for his money."

Some people forget or overlook my/our contribution to this current trend," Snipes has said. "The 'Gaming' community knows and the streets give us credits, but the movie world frequently plays us like the 'ugly step child' or the 'kitchen help,' especially when the conversation revolves around the 'boys in tights' or 'the bat'

Unfortunately Snipes was incarcerated for tax fraud June 6th, 2011 with a possible release date of July 19th, 2013 nothing to recent for our boy here but who knows with good behavior he can get a lighter sentence and be out and about making new Blade movies in no time. With all this being said I don’t think Marvel is going to touch Blade and possibly leave it until Snipes is ready to do it again.

 Don’t get me wrong Kirk Jones from Blade: The Series didn’t do bad as Blade in his portrayal, Snipes just owned that part to the point where the fans including myself know and recognize him. With marvel planning everything they are who knows maybe there could be blade cameos in the 2013 Marvel films in time for his return to do Blade maybe.

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