Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Moveset: Kick-Ass

Thats right readers i'm making a moveset for him, but dont worry he wont be alone.


Normals & Assists

Baton Toss - Throws one Baton at the enemy, Hard version Throws both at the enemy for two hits.

Baton Flail - Wildly swinging the batons for two-three hits.

Taser - Shocks you with taser, if it hits leaves you paralzed for 1-2 secs.

Other Normal:
Tunk Shot - Kick Ass comically shoots the character in the crotch for damage (low hit).

Command Grab:
Throw away - Kick ass tosses his batons in the air as a fake to kick opponent.

Standing L: Poke with baton
Standing M: half back spin hit with baton
Standing H: two hard hits on the head with baton (High hit)
Standing S: Back flip knocking oppoenent up.

Air L: Kicks feet up
Air M: Straight Punch
Air H: Up air hit with batons
Air S: Closes both hands to slam opponent back to the ground

Crouching L: Baton Jab
Crouching M: Mid kick
Crouching H: Baton Swipe

Hyper Combo's
Baton Spin - Spins body holding both batons for 10-20 hits.

Baton Barrage - Multiple random attacks with both batons.

Jet pack assault - Kick ass becomes equipped with the jet pack firing the machine guns until there empty, keeps the jetpack for faster mobility and slight flight.

Pain Nullifier: Taking full advantage of his metal plates he becomes invunerable to damage for a set amount of time.

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