Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ninja Gaiden 3 removes that limb slicing feel good experience

Remember playing Ninja Gaiden 2? slicing and dicing your way through the already hard enough to kill enemies, just when they were about to die you got the last hit you would take an arm, leg, or even an OFF WITH THERE HEAD? Ninja Gaiden 3 will not have the signature feature included in the newest not Tomonobu Itagaki made sequel. What does this mean for the gamers like me that needed to slow down the enemies who were limping at you with one leg or something? A member of the development team has said the following: "We don't think people want to see that anymore, they’ve already seen it." That is very true I have seen it before…. And would like to see it more and with more gore.

Let's not lose our heads over this...ok maybe one.

What do you think this means? They want to make a title that steers away from what Itagaki started? Or maybe something else? I mean realistically speaking sharp swords; scythes, staffs and all the other ninja gear you get can slice through a lot more than people think. Hopefully they’ll see that we need the small feature that makes Ninja Gaiden what it is and it will be in the final build.

With Ninja Gaiden coming out sometime next year there is always more news and other things they will tell us, like perhaps if this is connected to a new Dead Or Alive title!? With Ayane being in the games before,

Kasumi being teased at the end of the second game,

Stop Playing Kasumi we all know thats you

Rachel and her giant hammer slamming down foes like nothing,

Sonia the agent and gun expert form Ninja Gaiden 2,

Last but not least lets not forget about momoji the rookie ninja from Nintendo DS title Dragon Sword whose become independent and bad ass.

Hopefully there is going to be some female help for our boy Ryu Hayabusa after all he ALWAYS has help from a very bad ass and attractive female, one more character they seem to leave out is Hayate another ninja from dead or alive who knows Ryu perhaps he can make his debut in a Ninja Gaiden Title and show us if there’s hope for us Dead Or Alive fighting game fans.


  1. decapitation does not make Ninja Gaiden a ninja gaiden game.

    I don't remember Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword having one nor the Classic Ninja Gaiden games.

    Play the game first before spreading negative about it.

  2. "Does not make Ninja Gaiden a Ninja Gaiden game"

    Whatever that's supposed to mean. Plain and simple, decapitations and de-limbing make the combat more satisfying for some and that's all there is to it. What makes Ninja Gaiden is Ryu Hayabusa. He is expressing his opinion on the subject, which he is entitled to do. The above posted is factual and in no way "negative", so stop your trolling.

  3. xino i meant nothing negative about the game =p just talking about one gameplay feature im not gonna crap on the game as a whole lol by the end if u didnt notice i talk about returning bad ass females lol

    thanks master PG u got my message XD