Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Tom Hardy guide to Bane. By MrDarkPhoenix

Tom Hardy should research the role:
Batman The Animated Series:
Season 1 episode 75 – Bane
The Batman:
Season 1 episode 2 – Traction
Both episodes  feature Bane when he first shows up as what he is, a mysterious assassin who has been hired to kill batman.

Reading material:
Batman Vengeance of bane:

Tom should capitalize on that image as well as the big muscle bound villain, Bane is more brains than people think.

Bane’s mentality leaves A LOT to work with he was just a boy his father was unable to carry out his life sentence for trying to overthrow a government and so he had to live his life in the prison Peña Duro. Bane didn’t let it get to him he overcame this hardship and grew stronger from it.

Bane’s childhood teddy bear Osito was his only friend in prison while he was a boy. (Although a lot of people didn’t know he had a knife in the bear for protection.) Should be included in the movie if they do a flashback to Bane's past gives us a feeling of Bane at a time when he was still a child.

While in prison Bane literally teaches himself everything, without a formal means of education bane begins teaching and learning all kinds of scientific and tactical disciplines. Making him one of Batman’s smartest and deadliest foes. Being a natural genius also helps.

Martial Arts:  While in prison Bane studied and also created his own forms of martial arts. What Tom should do is own that fact and brush up on some unique moves, for this role he needs to become a literal killing machine.

Another thing about Bane’s mentality is that he is highly devious and can plan and strategize with the best of them and so forth. His first thought when he arrived in Gotham was taking on Batman head on is foolish so he broke down the walls of Arkham as every prisoner escaped. Waiting three months for batman to round everyone up that’s when bane made his move.

All in all i believe Bane to be a villain with high Psychological and Psychical attributes, being a hired gun and a master planner makes him a double whammy for someone like batman. Throw in the skills he uses with the venom and you have a bat recipe for disaster.

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