Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Black Mask Guide (Hopefully for Mark Strong.)

Just to save time i am referring to Black Mask as Mark Strong.

Reading Material:
Batman #386-387

May be classic but it sure gets the job done, this basically explains the story of Roman Sionis a child of a very wealthy family. Long story short his family resented the Wayne family even though Roman as a kid befriended them and even a young Bruce Wayne.

Christopher Nolan is looking for gritty villains? Look no further than Black Mask.

Black Mask isn't just a Batman villain fellow readers and nerds he is a villain for Bruce Wayne also, one time he kidnapped Wayne Enterprise executives and putting masks on there faces. This drew Batman's attention (yeah like Bruce had to go far and what tell himself in costume?) as he hunted down the False Face Society and ultimately meets Black Mask.

Black Mask is the greatest crime lord in Gotham having the ranks of even commanding and orchestrating Arkham escapes, and some single handed.

Black Mask and his group the False Face gang ranked up in Gotham exceptionally well under his control, one thing you had to do was wear a mask from his collection and wear it on jobs and around Black Mask himself.

What Mark Strong (or whoever gets cast) should focus on is Black Mask's thirst for blood and crime, he's a villain that is kill you first cant ask questions because its to late your dead.

Black Mask is a Criminal Master Mind, being a crime lord for as long as he has its a safe bet that you know he isn't stupid. Were talking about a man that nearly took control of Gotham City and its crime underworld at least twice.

You want dark for a villain? how about i throw in that among a lot of things Black Mask is capable of he is a renowned torture expert, whether its to get information about something or just for the heck of it. That spin and twist would be a perfect thing to portray in a real life Batman movie series, granted younger audiences wouldn't be able to see it but i believe Black Mask is not and will not be a family friendly villain.

Mark Strong has no problems portraying a mob boss in a movie (Frank D'Amico Kick Ass) what would need to be done is a complete mental spiral take Frank and magnify his personality to at least 1000% and darker. He would kill this role because of how much depth he has as an actor and what this character represents Mark would put his whole self into it.

Look i found the False Face Gang.

Martial Arts: Black Mask couldn't have gotten to be a master crime lord without knowing a thing or two about knowing how to fight.... you know that right? He can and has been on par with Nightwing, Catwoman and even Red Hood and Batman himself. There would need to be a psyhical part to pull this off but while in Black Mask mode Mark would do great.

All in all i believe with Chris Nolan and the direction he wants to take Dark Knight Rises he would not overlook Black Mask at all. Mark Strong or whoever might be cast would need to blend mob boss with a dark twist with some bloody knives and two semiautomatic pistols and an attitude to match.

By the way with Catwoman already in the movie it should be known and or shown in the movie that Black Mask hates with a passion the lovely Selina Kyle aka Catwoman.

Don't think Black Mask is crazy yet? How about he forcibly disfigured his wife into taking him back after his mask incident she committed suicide and he has a mannequin that he talks to like its real. Kind of like Two Face and his dependence/ need for his lucky coin.

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