Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Anne Hathaway guide for Catwoman by MrDarkPhoenix

Just a few things i think would help Anne Hathaway on her road to already killing this role.

Michelle Pfeiffer needs a cameo of some kind looking out a window when she sees Catwoman on the news, a victim of a crime museum owner or something.

Anne should research Catwoman good tools:

Batman the Animated Series:
Season 1: episodes 15 and 16 (The first meeting as both Catwoman and Selina Kyle, Anne can add her own spin after this.)
Batman Returns is a great tool seeing as how whenever i think Catwoman i think this movie and Michelle Pfeiffer.

The 1960's Batman TV Series starring Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt. (Purrrrrrrrrfect)

Catwoman Crime Pays (Great graphic novel explaining a lot about Catwoman and good material for Anne to use.)

There’s more to looking the part you have to be psychotic also, she may not be murder crazy but she's a crazy woman none the less.

She needs to own the suit, although we don’t know what it looks like catwoman’s best feature is that she rocks her clothes she knows herself all around and Anne should capitalize on that.

The level of madness that needs to be portrayed is high in this movie, hopefully we will be treating to a scene or two of Anne aka Selina’s descent into madness and her becoming mad and becoming Catwoman.

Martial arts: Catwoman is quite the accomplished martial artist even being on par with and beating batman once or twice. Her fighting style is more based on speedy getaways and leaving the battle field with whatever she stole.

Being a cat burglar and knowing as such I expect to see high adrenaline jumping from building to building, lots of running and fighting.

Stealthy acrobatics:  Catwoman is a top Olympic level dc athlete quite thinks she’s superhuman but she’s just Gotham’s finest cat burglar

With all this talk of Catwoman why would I want to leave out Selina Kyle? A very intricate meeting should take place during her and Bruce (before and during her descent into madness) they should lock eyes at a dinner event or something and us as the audience know that sh!ts about to hit the fan and we should be ready.
My Suit hypothesis:

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