Monday, July 18, 2011

My Cast Monday: Devil May Cry

Due to popular demand I will do my casting for Devil May Cry one of my other favorites from Capcom so I can’t wait to see what you all think of my casting. I’m going to give some personal story elements also since in my opinion certain things can be changed to have everything in the movies coincide and make better sense to movie goers.

Dante Sparda:

Ian Somerhalder:


Ali Larter:

Scarlett Johansson:

Nelo Angelo:

Gotta wait for my Devil May Cry 3 casting guys:

Ian is an awesome candidate for Dante in my opinion, Not only is Dante rash, rude, bad ass and just awesome Ian will have no problem portraying that in this role since he already plays a wise cracking bad ass in the first place.

First off the awesome fight scene between Trish and Dante in his office needs to happen, that was the signature moment that defined their skills and what happens later in the game.
Devil May Cry is a big action game so the movie needs to take that initiative and make sure they transfer over the over the top combo’s weapon specialization Dante uses, his ability to switch between weapons and looking bad ass during it all.

Dante acquires some of the most unique weapons and guns so he should be able to call on them at will and probably do what he did in the game and find them around the castle.

Trish a demon created to look like Dante’s mother is a hot kind of villain kind of character at the start but there should be some more character development than that. Even in the game it was like she’s here and gone and doest do much. Add a little more to her already awesome character.

Phantom is the most annoying boss in the game, not because of difficulty just he won’t die and keeps coming back to bother you. It would be a good gag to include for Devil May Cry fans and new people to the series.

Dante’s trademark shop titled Devil May Cry should have its debut in the movie (Before it gets messed up in the first fight scene.)

Speaking of fight scenes there going to need to be epic and well choreographed anyone who knows

Devil May Cry knows this and the people they get to do it need to know also.

While Dante is exploring the castle he is attacked by all kinds of demons and monsters in his journey let’s give the fans a show and let’s see them die creatively.

How's this for an ending credit: Mundus being soundly defeated by Dante and Trish knows now exactly what the son of sparda is capable of he brings forth another demon hunter to try and combat Dante and Trish to finish them off. Who is that someone?

See you guys next week ;-D

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