Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Movies that need sequels: Equilibrium 2

With Christian Bale’s character John Preston defeating his enemies and saving his city from a totalitarian dictator and saved his people, whets next? How about a new threat advancing on the emotion ridding technology introduced in the first film.

I don’t know Christian Bale’s feelings toward this movie in the case that he would do a sequel I personally loved the first Equilibrium, I’m a big action movie guy especially ones that bring gun kata aka gun fu to light.

If Bale wants to do the movie than he would reprise his role as John Preston.

Instead of taking your emotions the female radical group (yea I am a firm believer of we need more female action stars and bad ass female lead roles.)

The Female radical group Adrenaline takes advantage of their emotions instead of hiding them, more importantly what we are all capable of with our adrenaline up.

My ideas for members of Adrenaline:

Lena Heady:
Top official of Adrenaline and the essential rival for Christian Bale's character John.

Chloë Grace Moretz:
The youngest member of Adrenaline but certainly not any less deadly than her family of sisters. Chloe could use a combination of gun fu and knives and swords wouldnt hurt.

Eliza Dushku:
Oh god yes! the second in command of the group and as we all know the rebel shoot first and ask questions later type.

Hayden Panettiere:
The computer hacker and eyes of the group Hayden would essentially be the brains, although when push comes to shove its not gonna stop her from putting one in your brain.

 Serinda Swan:
The lovely and completly capable bounty hunter of the hit show Breakout Kings should be just that the bounty hunter and tracker of Adrenaline. Being a hit person taking out anyone in her path for the cause of the group and to protect her family. 

My ideas For Preston and his rebel force.
Christian Bale:

Michael Jai White:
John's newest second in command that makes sure he is safe and accounted for in preserving the world John has set for them and the others.

Chris Pine:
Add some bad ass fight moves with his own brand of comedic essance and Chris is going to be an awesome edition to the movie. Make him a close counters knives/sword fighter though.

Justin Hartley:
Yes boys and girls the most unique character i can think of for this movie, have him use a mixture of Gun-Kata but soley with his bow and arrow. That gives a newer point and some awesome fight scenes. Justins point of the movie would be the teams sniper of sorts and tracker expert.

Joshua Jackson:
Whether or not Bale can do the movie will affect Joshua's role, he could be a character with a shady past that joins the group to hide from his own demons. or the main character taking John's mantle.

Milla Jovovich:
An ex member of adrenaline siding with the rebels to stop them from there ultimate plan. Milla is no stranger to action and danger so let's make her the teams lead and person who knows adrenaline better than they do.

If not though I think Joshua Jackson would make a good John Preston or have this be a new movie that mentions the work of the last film.

Basically this sequel should take us on the same sci-fi, sharp shooting, and sword slashing ride as the first one. Just with improved choreography, higher action.

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