Friday, July 15, 2011

Marvel needs to make World War Hulk into an animated movie

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LET’S ROCK WORLDS PEOPLE! World War Hulk is the critically acclaimed sequel to Planet Hulk (Both the animated movie and the comic.) This time though Hulk is back, trained harder than he ever has and only has one thing on his mind sweet Gamma Radiated REVENGE against those that basically screwed him over. Here are my key points that would make this terrific story jump from the comic pages to well a DVD and blue ray to your TV.

With all the story and action that takes place in this alone the movie needs to be 2hrs at least, making it a very hard worked marvel movie but the payout will be worth it in the end from fans and new comers alike.

Let’s start from the beginning World War Hulk is a direct sequel to Planet Hulk, let’s keep it as that and move right where it left off.

This story line has Hulk interacting and going all over the Marvel Universe confronting former friends, team mates and even family in his never ending quest for vengeance.

Hulk has seen it all and done it all on Sakaar being a slave, actually being knocked around and having to learn that rage isn’t the only thing needed to survive. Using his mind in combination with his strength and rage is what helped him save and conquer Sakaar.

Having saved and been with him without really knowing him his team The Warbound traveled to Earth with Hulk in order to start fresh, and issue an ultimatum to the Illuminati either they surrender themselves or Sh!ts about to hit the fan. Of course not complying with his request *goes ahead and hit the fan button*In a matter of pages he took over New York City (All the big bad green monsters attack New York Godzilla, Cloverfield, and now Hulk.)

Let’s take a trip to the X-mansion shall we? Where Hulk is ready to confront Prof. X for the decision to exile him off Earth? He openly admits that he wasn’t there for that decision but would have said yes to the whole Hulk needing to be dealt with thing but adds he wouldn’t have wanted to have him exiled from earth, rather dealt with in a more peaceful manner.

Fighting all kinds of teams of the X-men including his old sparring buddy Juggernaut and another powerhouse punching bag Colossus. Other key members include Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Wolverine. Other teams include New X-men, Astonishing X-men, and X-Force just to name a few but to no avail and are all soundly defeated. All of that alone calls for a 10+ minute fight scene of all kinds of proportion and scale. Anyone think that if the missing key members were there like I don’t know *coughs* Phoenix/Dark Phoenix *cough* Rouge, Storm and even the Magneto family to lend a hand the fight would have a lot smoother.

He then continues on his rampage and  continues to go after the Illumanti including Dr. Strange, beating up the Fantastic Four (surprise), getting Iron Man and imprisoning them and making them wear power disks to nullify there powers.

World War Hulk is one of the most action packed stories of all time literally every point in the movie someone is going to fight because like I said Hulk tears through a lot of heroes in Marvel so much that hero health insurance rates went UP!.

 And let's not forget the Gamma Corps! People who have been wronged by the Hulk in some way and decide to take the revenge on Hulk inside this story and out of it they should have there moment to shine.

Then comes in Sentry he would need to make his debut and what a hell of a start to give him right? In the all out brawl with Hulk that broke the world and shook it up.


  1. No, this is very unlikely to happen. There were several key parts in the story from the comic that were removed in the animation, some they didn't want, but most because they were constrained by time.

    Our lovable No Named Brood, was not in this movie, also taking out part of the "War Bond" Story, while also being a romance interest with "Miek"

    Hulk did not save the Spikes, he fought them once.

    Now while those two were elements removed, they were not "key" to World War Hulk happening, but one such removed element was a key part of the story.

    That is, 1) Miek finding his hive. 2) Miek becoming a Bug King. 3) Miek finding the last queen of his race.

    Miek had to find his hive, in order to become a king of his species, without a hive, he could not be a king. If Miek was not a king, he may have saved the queen, but it would not be his responsibility to have much to do with her, it would belong to a king.

    Finally, regardless of kingship or not, Miek HAD to find the queen, because it was with the queens death by the spikes, that caused him to realise "My Race is doomed, there is nothing left" to which he took note of hulks teaching, "Never Stop Making Them Pay" where he realised, that by having peace with those, he had essentially stopped making them pay.

    It was this psychological development in Miek, followed with his race's 100% confirmed extinction with his queens death, that led him to set off the reactor in the hulks ship, leading him back to earth. The ship was planted with a bomb, but Miek caught them planting it, they did so to kill the hulk, but Instead of stopping them, Miek set it off. Causing the death of everyone, including the hulks wife / child, that is what made him return to earth for "World War Hulk", Now if the queen had not died, and Mieks Opinions and views had not become misguided as such, he would have helped the hulk, NOT allow the bomb to go off.

    With this one thing removed, World War Hulk becomes highly unlikely.

  2. They may need to do a two part animation cause of how big of scale the story is and i would guess everything concerning miek may be added to the beginning of world war hulk that's why i see a two part movie