Thursday, July 14, 2011

Games i would like to see on the PS Vita: Resident Evil: Reliving Horror

I am a Resident Evil FANATIC i love the series so much and always shell out my money whenever capcom makes a new one, (Which is why i am getting my 3DS next year for Resident Evil Revelations.) with that being said when the PS Vita gets there exclusive title guess whose gonna be buying it? Me thats who.

So what should this portable title feature well how about we start with the title Reliving Nightmares.

Since to my knowledge Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine have never initially met, lets introduce them in this game.

Now whats Leon without a little help from his secret agent/fan love intrest Ada Wong. Since Leon would star in this game Ada wont be to far behind helping/hurting the cause i have planned for this game. I also see nothing wrong with a much anticipated meet up between the women and an awesome fight scene with Jill and Ada.

So guys Reliving Nightmares the title says it all how about we mess with our awesome heroes?

Can you guess from my selection and the title what I plan doing? How about I give you a hint, let’s have them relive what they all have in common..... Raccoon City!

That’s right the nightmare they all had to endure and survive through is back and it’s badder than ever.

Don’t get me wrong I’m fully aware that Raccoon City is well... nuke town but how about this since the T-virus and the G-virus were sold and dispatched to the highest bidders let’s make one of those buyers is a super maniacal psycho path with too much time on his hands who decides to take control of a small country only to turn into Raccoon City 2.0?

Thing is he spends his time recreating Raccoon City and all the events down to the T, was he there? Or did he spend a lot of time reading about what happened? I won’t tell :D

Zombies! there second game comeback since Revelations and there definite return to this game needs to happen for that classic feel plus if this game is going to recreate Raccoon City, then the zombies are the key point of the story. Why not throw in the Lickers also?


SCARE FACTOR: I don’t know about you guys but Resident Evil 2 and 3 scared me a lot and 4 was right up there so what needs to be brought back is the oh my god I don’t know what’s coming at me and what I need to shoot paranoia that those games heavily depicted.

Now for this we need to scare not only us but our main characters, I know your thinking our characters don’t get scared but think of something that would scare Jill to the point of absolute terror.

That’s right! I went there! Nemesis the creature on top of my scared me sh!tless list is making his big bad return, can you imagine the absolute terror in Jill's voice if she hears S.T.A.R.S. once again? Can you imagine my sheer terror if I heard that again?

Now something else that I’m going to mention is the puzzles and what they went through would make it too easy right? Wrong come on if the puzzles are hard for us they have to be hard for them wouldn’t want things to be too easy for them now would we? I propose we switch up the puzzles since this is basically doing Resident evil 2 and 3 over I think giving Leon the mixed oil puzzle, Claire the sewer puzzle helping Ada, and Jill helping lil Sherry Birkin.

Now let’s not just make this a straight "Hey crazy guy reenacted Raccoon City let’s get lazy." absolutely not we should have some new content squeeze in some extra characters and some behind the scenes Raccoon City details that were kept hidden.

Obviously we need to have our characters interact and what better way than our big bad nemesis enemy let’s say he starts chasing Claire thinking he's Jill, but then Leon, Claire, and Jill are all together and Claire says "You know this big monster thing was chasing after me." Jill responds "What are you talking about....?" Only to be interrupted by the infamous quote S.T.A.R.S! starting Jill's descent into true horror because she has to deal with him again, this time she won’t be alone and Leon and Claire know there’s other and always be bigger threats than just what they’re aware of.

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