Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Games i would like to see on the PS Vita: Devil May Cry: Tales of Sparda

Ok guys I’m a 50-50 person when it comes to the PS Vita (Don’t hate me lol.) I will say however if they start bringing out there A+ games then I would have no right to say no to Sony. I respect the Devil May Cry franchise from Capcom; something is missing though the tale of twins Dante and Vergil's father Sparda.

You know the legend, the bad ass demon that took down the demon world and loved a human woman who gave birth to Twin demon-human sons.

I’m wondering however how all of that transpired. What was Sparda’s defining moment in realizing that he had to take down the demon world and save humanity? Here are some key points that would have everything fit perfectly.

Sparda as a playable character equipped with Yamato, Force Edge and his guns Luce and Umbra his hand guns.

Other weapons should include: A scythe, Dark Gauntlets called Hades (since fire gauntlets were called Ifrit and gauntlets of light are called Beowulf.) Water and lightning duel wielding swords that creates lightning and limited weather manipulation.

As for Story elements I would like to know some main story elements for example— He spent time training brothers Baul and Modeus, who learned a lot from there master. The brothers looked up to and worshipped Sparda. If not temporary playable characters in themselves this should be brought to life in a game we only have a short appearance of the brothers in the short lived devil may cry anime.

In true Devil May Cry fashion Sparda is going to need help right? So enter a pretty bad ass woman who can hold her on in battle against a horde of demons and have us as gamers wonder how she would fare against lady or even Trish.

Sparda is responsible for a lot of events leading up to the other games. Sealing Temen-ni-gru and its gate keepers in the demon world he sealed himself in.

Mundus and his legions are nothing to laugh at, those 2000 years ago that was the brunt of Sparda and his rebellion to stop demons from eradicating humanity. In that respect bosses and characters are not hard to think of hordes of demons and generals are in store for us as gamers.

Not to spoil the possible end of this game but Tales Of Sparda should end with us defeating Mundus and him sealing the demon world with himself and the full power of his sword in it, this should set everything in motion for the rest of the games in the series and even give us some indentation as to where Sparda is/was or if he can actually meet his grown up sons and possibly fight alongside or against them.

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