Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Marvel needs to make X-force into an animated movie:

Ok kids this article is about as bloody and violent as it gets so this article is not for you unless you can verify your age. *Turns around* if you lie I won’t know ok? So you’re of age for this article excellent, MURDER, BLOOD AND CLAWS. Yeah in an X-Men storyline you think I’m talking about Wolverine or even X-23 but actually I’m referring to the covert black ops team of the X-men known as X-Force. After some people and some situations become too hard to handle Cyclops realizes the X-men need to silence and shut down those people permanently. Enter Wolverine (shock), X-23, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Angel and Deadpool (He comes later but I would love to see him in his animated element killing people and joking about it.) So the team’s first mission is to investigate the theft of the head of the Nimrod and Master Mold fusion Bastion.  These are the key point’s spoiler free to make the movie awesome.

Needs to have blood and gore…… sorry kids X-force isn’t for kids and should not be kid friendly because on several missions Wolverine, X-23, and even Deadpool get a little murder happy. So this movie needs to capitalize on the violent aspect and stick with it, most of the members of X-Force fight a lot better when they don’t have censors holding them back.

X-23 being a founding member is a great thing because then she has yet to be in a movie or make an appearance so what better introduction then her killing everything in sight.

If were going to start this out right we needs William Stryker (never thought I would say that.) The mutant hating <insert bad word here> creates this group and searches far and wide for fellow mutant haters to help him in his cause.

Members of the purifiers need to include: William Stryker, Bastion, leper queen, and Bolivar Trask, Donald Peirce and Matthew Risman. a lot of members come and go but these needs to be the core team aside from the crazy religious people they have on the payroll.

X-23 is a skilled markswoman who has no problem using guns, just should showcase her other skills other than her claws and fighting abilities. It’s her first animated movie don’t want to make things to easy for her do we?

The first thing the purifiers do is revive dead x-men villains: the possibilities are endless for this have a side story of the X-force killing there old foes.

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