Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Afro Samurai live action movie, Complete with Sam Jackson action!

Sam Jackson has done a lot in his career as a professional bad ass. Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a plane, being a black Jedi on Star Wars and of course playing the ultimate Nick Fury in countless Marvel made movies that involve S.H.E.I.L.D. During that time Sam Jackson has added his voice to the widely popular anime Afro Samurai, which he will now take to the big screen in a live action movie based off the popular series. Taking the lead role in the movie as well as the live action movie should not be hard for Samuel L. Jackson he will do wonders for this adaptation.

An announcement was made by the Indomina group Jasbinder Singh Mann will produce live action Afro Samurai with Sam Jackson while Gonzo Studios Shin Ishikawa will help with the producing. The perfect director for this movie in my opinion would be Quentin Tarantino since he has been to do great work in combining: sword play, blood, action and story, the deal would be sealed if he would join the project. I can’t wait to see Afro Samurai hit the big screen with all the right people behind it I know this is going to be another passenger on the train of great films based off anime/TV shows.

 Sam Jackson has gone on record saying the following: "This has been one of my very favorite properties ever since our amazing debut at Comic Con with the original series pilot out of Japan. I can't wait to produce the epic feature film version with our new partners at The Indomina Group."

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