Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How far will bane go in dark knight rises? (Rumor/Possible spoilers!!)

Holy bat news readers I bring more about something we comic buffs have been wondering since bane is our new villain. Will he break Batman’s back!? Christopher Nolan plans on making batman (or mostly his back) go through hell and back with his brutal rendition of the iconic comic event were all used to.

According to sources saying that batman and bane will definitely clash hard in the movie (as they always do.) they state in the first fight they have Bane WILL break the bat… ouch. Being a rumor the truth behind it is up in the air. I’m hoping it’s true along with Black Masks involvement in the movie. I don’t know how they’re going to fight in this film but just to educate you all I will fill you in on how it happened in the comics.

Bane realized that a fight with batman was foolish so he broke the walls of Arkham releasing the inmates inside to do as they wish to Gotham and raise hell, if this is the direction there going with the only criminal that can escape is scarecrow (unless there will be a ton of cameos I don’t see that happening.) exhausted after three months of gathering all the villains Bane meets Batman in the Batcave after figuring out his secret identity. The two go at it and Bane delivers the final blow and breaks the bat permanently.

 If it’s in the first fight though when bane broke his back in the comics it left batman out of commission for a while having to rely on Azazel to take on the mantle along with robin and protect Gotham. So much nerd knowledge, not enough info to go about. I’m going crazy wondering how this will all play out guys but if you want sound off on my Facebook or Twitter and we can brainstorm ideas.

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