Tuesday, June 14, 2011

(Update) The Boy Wonder is in Batman Arkham City.

Tim Drake gets the Robin spot in Arkham City.
Dont leave out Dick Grayson as Nightwing though, remember that Flying Grayson poster they teased us with?

Just when I thought batman couldn’t handle arkham city on his own we get the Robin signal to help us on the situation. Although not confirmed to be in the story Best Buy confirms that if you preorder the game from them you get Robin and two exclusive maps for him when you pick up the game. No word on whether it will be system specific like the Joker challenge maps on ps3 for Batman Arkham Asylum. But if we’re talking exclusive robin which one are we talking? Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or Tim Drake or even Damien Wayne the son of the bat, my vote is on Tim drake for the boy wonder in the game.

Dick Grayson would fit better in this game as Nightwing to occasionally help and aid his mentor Batman since it’s a larger environment I’m still convinced Batman will need all the help he can get. Jason Todd later turned Red Hood I feel would make a better Red Hood appearance to give Batman a run for his money since Red Hood is so good at that anyway. Damien would be nice but I doubt the game stories are taken that far into the universe where were introduced to the son of the bat but I wouldn’t mind him being a skin for the Robin character.
I still can’t wait for this game I’m hoping they add more costumes this time around, all comic book based games need to have more costumes that everyone knows will be popular and not only that but give us more reasons to play it again and again.
Here are my top picks for batman alternate costumes in batman arkham city:

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