Thursday, June 16, 2011

G.I. Joe 2 gets its stars and sharpens its swords.

That’s right readers the sequel to G.I. Joe  puts a ninja into the mix…. Oh I’m sorry I meant besides Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. Those up to date on their Joe info should be just as excited as I am with this news. Jinx has been brought in to the picture, yes the second most deadly member of the team her resume is so iron clad it even mentions several times “second only to Snake-Eyes.” With skills of infiltration, ninja skills and stealth under her belt we will definitely be treated to a much better action direction with this movie. Who’s playing her you’re thinking? French actress Elodie Yung will play our lovely female ninja Jinx.

Elodie will be joined by Channing Tatum which we know is true, although it has been said that most of the cast from the first one will not return. So are they going to cast everyone again? Leave out there characters? Or worse leave out characters that would help the story? I’m just going to keep you updated with the news that comes to me and hope this movie makes up for the flaws in the first movie.

Mainly all I can think of that can fix this movie is longer and awesome fight scenes, one of the things that hurt the first movie were its short fight scenes. With jinx in the fray I expect to see a ninja battle royale with her and Storm Shadow and then an epic Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow fight.

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