Friday, June 17, 2011

Pro Gamer Interview: Kelly MrsViolence Kelley

I get to interview the awesome Kelly Kelly ^_^ she is to awesome to describe but dont let my words fool you, read on:

Ok so I think we need to get the obvious out of the way for anyone that doesn’t know but who are you awesome people?

Hey, what’s up Gears gamers! My name is Kelly Kelley, or more formally known as Mrs Violence. I’ve been around video games since I was about 3 years old and have loved every minute of it. I’ve had a name in the Competitive scene since Rainbow Six 3 was on Gamebattles, and have been making my way through each game and community. But my true love is Gears of War. I was also on Season 1 of WCG Ultimate Gamer, the first Video Game Reality TV Show (My life as a gamer wasn’t nearly the same) .

What went through your mind when you learned that a gears 3 beta was playable?

Ecstatic. Finally, the Gears fans can help EPIC out with making the game playable. I wasn’t fully satisfied with GoW2 as I was with GoW1, so it’s great to see them asking for some community help to further induce the success of the game.

Ok so for the controversial question guys, what did you think of the famed sawed off shotgun? And what can they do to change the game around that?

I personally think it’s a waste of time. . .literally. I don’t see it being competitive, or “Fun” in multiplayer, but it’s an interesting take on a shotgun, that’s for sure. One thing I did notice, is that in their first GoW3 trailer, Marcus shoots it twice within 2 seconds of each shot. . .completely false and not too thrilled about that.

Have you upgraded to the epic edition or your keeping your regular versions?

EPIC AND RETRO Bundles are now reserved and under my name, paid in FULL. .. .two words, LETS GO!!!

For anyone thinking about taking gears to the next professional level, do you have any advice for them to go on the right path?

Find some honest teammates that have at least past experience in both games, gears 1 and 2. Gears of War 3, is a perfect mixture of the two and it’s great to have the shotgun skill from 1 and the movement of 2 under your belt. Also, when “Scrimming”, play set teams. Pick ups are fun but not so much as practice.

Now Kelly, everyone knows you love Gears of War, because you have the tattoo on your ankle would you consider adding more to it?

 *nom* *Nom* I’m getting more added onto it. Be on the lookout Gears of War Fans!

If you could have your favorite weapon look anyway you want what would you choose as your skin for your gun?

Easy, pink! No I’m just kidding, but I think a Lancer or Gnasher made out of Jello would be pretty cool to look at!

What are you expecting as the ending to the gears trilogy?

I already know a few things about it; I’m a huge fan of the books and have read them all about 3 times. So, I think something just EPIC will happen.

Kelly I know you have your girl gaming group HAM with you, jade, Adriana and lady insanity would you want to have them move on the gears train with you?

Absolutely! I think that would be amazing, unfortunately, none of them have experience in Gears 1 or 2, so I think it would be best if they stayed with FPS’s and leave the TPS’s to the big boys :P:P I’m kidding 10000% but seriously, I don’t think I would have the time to dedicate myself to teaching 3 people the basics of Gears of War. I find this game to be the most challenging when it comes to Competitive Gaming, so a lot of time, and practice is extremely needed and once again, people have been playing this game since the day it arrived, so I think they would be at a huge disadvantage. I wish them luck with whatever games they pursue when I disappear September 20th.

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  1. Thanks for the interview! I look forward to some more <3