Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Well nerds and…. Well readers who like the nerd subject, I’ve come bearing news about something even more interesting than a robotic smack down for the ages. Grant Morrison will work his magic and bring us quite another hit graphic novel, besides of course Arkham Asylum and All Star Superman, he brings us a childhood gemstone simply called Dominion: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens (Pretty self explanatory). Soon after the comic though its going have a feature film directed by Barry Sonnenfeld who should be finished filming Men In Black 3. Not only that Barry Sonnenfeld has teamed up with grant Morrison and Liquid Comics (formerly known as Virgin Comics..Giggity.)

While Grant will spend his time writing the graphic novel Sonnenfeld will be directing the film. Grant will be writing for both the graphic novel and the movie, so with that being said there should be no problems and it will come out as a great graphic novel and an even better movie.

The graphic novel will be released later on this year at your local bookstore/ comic book store or online for your enjoyment. Either way you look at it prepare for the story of a prehistoric war between our ancient dinosaurs and world invading aliens. Just hope it’s not the ending I’m thinking of where the aliens cheat and cause a cataclysmic event that causes the dinosaurs to go extinct…. Surely as hyper intelligent life forms they have to know that right? Hopefully now this can put an end to the long lost childhood fantasy and the beginning of even more Vs. topic comics and or movies. I also would like to mention I do excel in Vs. topics.

Here I’ll start off with a few:

Ninjas Vs. Zombies (actually a movie by Endlight entertainment)

Ninjas Vs. vampires (another movie made by Endlight Entertainment)

Warlocks Vs. Vampires

Vampires Vs. Pirates

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