Thursday, May 19, 2011

Assassins Creed Revelations has us play as both Altair and Ezio (spoilers ahead)

Salve gamers MrDarkPhoenix here with some acrobatic, Da Vinci flying machine using classic assassin action. I have played Assassins Creed Brotherhood and loved every minute of it, the classic graphics the game play and just about everything else. But questions always plagued my mind while playing this series. When are we going to have Ezio and Altair meet? And who would win in a fight between the two of them?

The story so far has us playing as Ezio and chasing down ancient artifact seals of Masyaf (remember from the first game.) little do we know though each of those five seals belongs to none other than Altair himself, so acquiring this seal makes you relieve a memory of Altair’s like how Desmond relieves Ezio’s memories through the animus.

Ok I know I just said a lot of confusing stuff but how about I add more to it by giving you something to really think about? The ending of Brotherhood put Desmnond into a coma (among other things) but suffering through that long ass inescapable credit sequence made me realize there were voices that re hooked up Desmnond to the animus, the result of which put Desmnond in “The Black Room” an animus only world made up of shattered memories where he has to fight to find a specific memory where Ezio, Altair, and Desmnond himself collide.

Let me see if I have this right? You’re stuck in a dream like state where you need to find a memory that places three different minds together including finding where you fall into place? This game just screams Inception at this point.

Taking the spotlight back to Ezio whose going to prove “Age ain't nothing but a number” he is well over 50 years old. Don’t let that fool you but let it fool your opponents because older people can still kick ass look at Solid Snake and Master Roshi.

New weapons, the ability to make bombs, a new heightened ability called eagle sense: which lets you hear conversations, heartbeats and even predict where your chasers would go before they know. Again another game we have to wait for E3 for more information or if reading this is getting you pumped don’t forget to get the June issue of Game Informer for more information about this game.

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