Saturday, May 14, 2011

Holy movie shootings batman!

Zonk! Boink! The Dark Knight Rises the final part of the real life Batman series directed by Christopher Nolan is shooting and up and running people. All we know so far is they cast Tom Hardy as Bane? Not my best villain choice for this real life movie but we will see how that plays out. With the beautiful Anne Hathaway playing the sexy yet psychotic thief Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is something I cannot wait to see. 

My last pick for a villain that I really hope makes it into the movie, Roman Sionis aka Black Mask.  The brutal and sadistic crime lord of Gotham, not to load his handgun and pull the trigger but he has stood up to Batman and Catwoman in a fight (yes Catwoman is a very talented martial artist.)

If Chris Nolan is looking for a real life villain with a lot to offer then Black Mask is a serious way to go. Who can complete the role of a mobster with a thirst for a blood and an expert on torture? Keep in mind that he is a skilled and ruthless martial artist. Mark Strong who portrayed Frank D’amico in Kick Ass is a great choice for this role, already having the mobster mind set he should have no problems giving this role the justice it deserves.

Not to mention Ra's al Ghul will make another appearance, not in the way were thinking though, he won’t be portrayed by Liam Neeson will not be playing the iconic immortal villain. Josh Pence will be taking on the role of Ra's al Ghul taking place in flash backs 30 years before batman begins.

Still can’t wait for more information to be released about this movie, the franchise has gone in excellent directions with more that we’ll have to wait and see until July 20th 2012. Don’t forget comic fans remember my famous quote. “With great screening great high quality Anne Catwoman screenshots follow” meow and drool readers.I would also like to bring to everyone's attention that the Joker will not be returning in this movie, nor would Chris Nolan have used recycled footage of Heath Ledger either.

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