Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Terminator and Robocop….. Together!?

I know what I wrote guys and trust me I’m just as shocked as you are but hear me out. Are you guys like me? Have you dreamed of matchups that you never thought could happen? Chuck Norris vs. Batman, Kratos vs. Squirrel Girl, or hell Charlie Sheen vs. The Living Tribunal?

If those aren’t your cup of tea, then how about the actual Terminator and Robocop team up series (again) brought to us by dynamite comics. Coming to us in July by the very talented Rob Williams and P.J. Holden. Who have both written their fair share of hits ranging from Skaar: king of the savage land to Judge Dredd.

With Robocop being a robot hope your prepared for some story elements not the usual versus topic where Robocop and the t-1000 go at it then one of them gets the edge and bam the fights over, fans rage and debate for as long as you count and the debate never ends. Sorry guys this story goes much differently. The full title being Terminator/Robocop: kill Human (catchy and scary).

Alex Murphy finds himself right smack dab in the middle of the Skynet future Linda Hamilton, the Govenator, Thomas Dekker and hell even Christian Bale tried to avoid with no luck. Think his robot side will be take over him? Or will his light human side prevail and save the day.

Well not to be a jinx but a lot of humans tried to stop these robots, most of them came close but as Arnold taught us in Judgment Day and Summer Glau in Sarah Connor Chronicles the only thing that finishes the job are other terminators. Kind of like how only neo can defeat agents and what not.

Think about this as the ultimate heavy robotic fight for good and evil guys. Who ultimately wins in the end? The robot that is willing to uphold law and order or the robots that don’t stop until you’re not breathing? Uh oh… this is kind of like robot death note! Hope Alex Murphy doesn’t chow too much on sweets.

Like I mentioned due out in July is when our story will begin but how it will end is all up to the writers, but I sure as heck will be glad for the experience don’t forget to pick up yours when the series starts guys? To end this who are your top robot themed matchups:

Voltron vs. Optimus prime

Dragon Zord vs. Mecha-Godzilla

Classic Power Ranger Megazord vs. Megatron

Amazo vs. Centurion ranger

Bender vs. C3PO

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