Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Darkstalkers 4 has a chance… with a million dollar price tag

What’s up gamers? When Darkstalkers is mentioned to you what comes to mind? Morrigan’s revealing attire? Felecia and her even more revealing cat attire? How about a series of fighting games that needs to be revised? That’s what normally runs through my mind among other things, the Darkstalkers franchise which first started out as vampire in 1994 has since spawned as a cultural horror genre phenomenon. A series which like its fighting game predecessor Street Fighter that made about many ports on countless systems, short lived animated series, comics, and mangas although Darkstalkers has yet to have an animated or live action movie (could be for the best). Something has to be done to bring back the franchise.

With Morrigan, Felecia, and Hsien-ko aka Lei Lei making their appearances in Marvel Vs Capcom 3 hopefully adding in others as DLC, what are our chances of seeing them alongside the rest of the cast in a new and improved art style, combat, and possibly online feature. The answer to that is simple, as the title suggests a new Darkstalkers has a steep price not exactly in the form of a million dollars but a million signatures from fans demanding the re boot of our beloved series. Capcom is all about fan service where it counts and they do listen to their fans when we scream the most. Heck if we all put another signature petition going we can get X-men vs. Street Fighter 2, Marvel Super Heroes 2, or even a much more anticipated Capcom vs. SNK 3 or even another Super Gem Fighter aka Puzzle Fighter.

While a million signatures will be a very hard accomplishment to acquire through time with them working on Street Fighter x Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter through their work on that if there’s fan buzz they will notice. Marvel vs. Capcom was partially made by us the fans so if we put our nerd powers together who knows what else we can make its comeback? In the end I would love the flow of voting to start for another Darkstalkers game or at least an animated movie directed by Jiro Kanai (the same director who brought us Street Fighter 4: Ties That Bind) and produced by the Gonzo animation company (who brought us the amazing Super Street Fighter IV Juri OVA movie we never had the chance to see in the USA)

Capcom knows what their fans wants but in the long run they don’t want to spend time producing and making something no one asked for at least with a million people asking for it to be made that’s more than enough to get this off the ground. I wonder how many signatures it would take for an animated movie to start us out with though?

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  1. word i agree....always thought the fighting can be better but the franchise is cool ^_^...nerd gamers unite