Monday, May 30, 2011

My Cast Monday Ep 2: Biohazard 2

Leon S. Kennedy:
Jensen Ackles:

 Looks: Jensen looks like a bad ass rookie cop turned government agent in the near future. With the right look and the right director and Jensen's skill as an actor i don't see any problem with him making this role count.

Mentality: Leon in Resident Evil 2 is a rookie cop who gets wrapped up in the Raccoon City incident. All Jensen would have to do is be a rookie semi-skilled rookie cop with a passion for staying alive and quick on his feet to reach his goals.

Claire Redfield:

Ali Larter:

Ada Wong:

Maggie Q:
Looks: I don't think i have to say much on her looks u have eyes right? looking just like Ada put her in a red butterfly dress and well fan boys and even movie goers will understand why Maggie Q is an Ada Wong live action upgrade to the max.

Mentality: Already playing a secret agent on her hit show Nikita, so what would have to be new for Maggie to portray Ada perfectly? The ability to do what Ada does best be sexy, mysterious and even make new resident evil fans believe her intentions.

Dr. William Birkin:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan:

Annette Birkin:

Theresa Russel:

Sherry Birkin:

Sophie Vavasseur:

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