Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Avengers Villain Throws Down….. Infinity (Spoilers!)

So anyone else that I know saw Thor and knows comics is aware Loki is a D-Bag and evil to boot, but what people don’t know is that he is not the only villain making his appearance when the marvel heroes ban together in the Avengers making its way to theatres May 4th,2012. Loki will be getting some help on destroying earth from the Skrulls… Dun dun dun.  But wait think it’s bad now? We’ll just keep reading and be warned true believers.

Anyone that saw Thor knows that Odin has an extensive collection of marvel artifacts including now in the hands of Loki the Cosmic Cube which is Marvel’s basic your screwed if I own it cop out for villains all over Marvel. For those that don’t know the Cosmic Cube allows whoever has it to warp reality, open dimensional portals or whatever they want literally. Villain checklist almost done but remember this from Thor?

Oh god yes Thanos is more than confirmed to be in the Avengers movie , while no word on who portrays or likely will voice him though. Hopefully it won’t be OD cg like the 2003 Hulk movie. So now if Loki was bad enough our avengers have to deal with Loki wielding the Cosmic Cube and now Thanos wielding his famed power glove with gems enough to destroy our world. But as the avengers have proven time and time again you don’t mess with Earths Mightiest heroes.

How’s this for a stay beyond the credits scene:

After defeating Thanos the avengers want to know what they should do with the gems, separating them is the best they can do so thanos can never be brought to power again. Thor recommends they leave it back into Asgard where it will be safe, iron man mentions it was there once and every being in the world will not stop to invade and take it, tony suggests it be left in his care because he has the resources and tech to keep it safe plus shield on speed dial.
Everyone reluctantly agrees and goes on with their lives tony stark goes around the world giving the gems to those he finds worth Patrick Stewart aka professor Xavier, black bolt, Namor, mister fantastic and doctor strange. Thus teasing us with marvels famed illuminati group. And the final words from tony stark while he’s in a laboratory giving his top scientist a box with a strand of hair in it.

“Begin the cloning experiment.”

See what I did there? I basically confirmed a possible Dr. Strange movie, Black Panther, Namor’s appearance and reboots of Fantastic Four and X-men.

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