Monday, May 23, 2011

My Cast Monday ep. 1: Biohazard

So I’m starting a new weekly Monday article going so what better way to do that than to give my two cents on my favorite games and the right people to portray them:

Albert Wesker:

Shawn Roberts:
I thought one of the top reasons Afterlife had any kind of good was the way Shawn Roberts portrayed Albert Wesker. With all of his appearances and behind the scenes things he’s done in the games we would be seeing a lot of him in the game specific movie remakes and I wouldn’t mind that.

Chris Redfield:

 Wentworth Miller:

Nothing was wrong with his portrayal of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Afterlife (even though the movie wasn’t really that good.) Wentworth gives off the aura and presence of Chris and if asked to do the role again and in the right hands I have no doubt he would make the performance a very good one.

Chris Evans:
I know their names are Chris and they match ironic isn’t it? But aside from that Chris Evans aka Steve Rogers, can pull off this role as the ST.A.R.S. Agent given his range Chris can play Chris… Get it!? Chris Evans can portray what Chris Redfield was developed to be, the typical "tough guy" in action movies: spiked hair, bare muscular build and likes combat knives. Plus I can imagine Shawn Roberts and Chris Evans hating each other, since he’s already hated Wentworth in Afterlife.

Jill Valentine:

Julia Voth:
Jill's character model from the 2002 GameCube Remake , is based on actress Julia Voth. Come on look at her also.

Sienna Guillory:
Who has no problems reprising her role as Jill Valentine and has done a great job portraying her and would love to see come back. But in the next coming articles I have another plan for Sienna.

Barry Burton:

Liam Neeson:
He’s more than enough actor to portray our magnum assistant Barry Burton, more importantly I want him to say “You were almost a Jill sandwich back there” to Julia or Sienna for the funny factor.

Rebecca Chambers:
The baby of stars if you will (not in a bad way.) she’s adorable knows how to handle a gun and assists Chris when he needs it.

Rachel Leigh Cook:

Ayumi Hamasaki:

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