Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dr, Strange movie to bring in da magic and da mysticism

FINALLY! It's all but 90% confirmed now and it's great news! Dr. Strange whose been at the top of our live action movie list could see the light of magic day in the theaters 

Dr.Strange Prime Phase 3 Candidate
Dr. Strange Cameo In Thor: A Dark World
Marvel Phase Three Movie Set in motion

To expand the Marvel Universe not only in the cinematic sense but the universe sense is amazing! Thor gave us a trip to Asgard, Cap sent us to the past, and Guardians of the Galaxy is giving us... well the galaxy were still missing some key elements to make this universe the big wide entity it is. 

With Dr. Strange dealing with the many dimensions of Marvel and a bigger scale of magic this movie can bridge those gaps and will be the key part of introducing even more to the character and the realms beyond.

"I don’t want to say specifically, because that’s a part of our development process as we start to put it together," he told us, "but it’s no secret that the supernatural angle, the angle of alternate and parallel dimensions, we have not done in any of the films, and is not only a big part of the Doctor Strange comics, but also a big part of the Marvel Universe that we haven’t explored yet. So, I love the notion of tapping into all of that through Strange one day."

Hoping we can see that cameo in Thor: A Dark World soon!

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