Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feige talks about Marvel Phase 3 movie candidates

Wright will begin work "in earnest" on this one once he finishes up this summer’s The World’s End. Interestingly, Feige says that it was in part because of Ant-Man that the decision was made to launch Marvel Studios. He recalls sitting in on pitch meetings "where confused people scrunched their faces and asked if this was about a guy who was half-ant and half-man. 'Do you know why we became our own studio?' he said. 'Because those are the conversations we used to have with studio execs. And they were very frustrating.'"
Doctor Strange:
Feige says Doctor Strange is "one of the prime candidates" for Phase Three. "I would love Strange to be a part of that only because he’s a great character. He’s a great standalone character,” he says. “He’s got a great origin story, for the most part. And that world of pure magic, we haven’t done yet. There’s a whole supernatural/magic alternate dimension going on in the Marvel comics that we haven’t ever touched on. So I think that’s exciting.” 
Iron Man 4:
“I believe there will be a fourth Iron Man film and a fifth and a sixth and a 10th and a 20th,” Feige says. But, as we've heard before, he is not ruling out a reboot that would recast Tony Stark without Robert Downey, Jr. “I see no reason why Tony Stark can’t be as evergreen as James Bond. Or Batman for that matter. Or Spider-Man. I think Iron Man is a character just like that.”
Black Panther:
Despite all the rumors about T'Challa joining Avengers 2 and then getting a spin off film from there, Feige says it's just speculation at this point. "Right now, those rumblings you hear are just evidence of the passion for this character -- internally as much as from outside," says EW.

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