Monday, September 9, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy Villain Revealed

After the scene in Avengers fans have been hyped to the max about Thanos being the main bad guy in the sequel... Avengers 2: Age of Ultron says differently of course, so we were still excited because the villain was still going to show up in Guardians of the Galaxy and it turns out he's not the main bad guy he's more of a behind the scenes guy while the confirmed villain turns out to be Ronan the Accuser! For those of you unfamiliar with the bad guy here are some points:

  1. He's Kree (Which makes it interesting since Fox owns the Fantastic Four and the villains etc.)
  2. Super Strong, endurance, Armor
  3. The universal weapons has cosmic energy which can be used for a variety of affects and adds more power to Ronan, Gravity, Force Fields, Energy Absorption, skilled solider and master strategist he'll give the hand to hand fighters a run for their money.
Just a little Fox to Marvel lesson:
Kree is owned by Fox
Ronan was married to Crystal from Inhumans that is owned by Marvel
Quicksilver was also married to Crystal which will be featured in both Days of Future Past and Avengers both owned by the opposing companies and portrayed by two different actors. 

"Ronan The Accuser is very much the main bad guy," "And Thanos is lurking above it all. You will learn more about Thanos in Guardians, for sure. Certainly you'll get more than the one turn around and smirk. You'll get much more than that!"

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