Wednesday, June 12, 2013

E3 2013: Sony wants you to tell them which J-RPG's you want on the Vita

Shahid Kamal Ahmed, the Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, wants to hear your opinion on which J-RPG games you would like to localized with the hashtag #jrpgvita. In addition to that, Shahid is actually replying to the Vita fan base  stating that Sony “are paying attention and will discuss results with our partners.” 

With this you can all sound off if your on twitter to discuss which J-RPG's you'd like to see on the PSVita so be sure to let @shahidkamal know your opinion! He's an awesome guy who listens to the community so who knows your suggestion can be his ammo to back up a re release of your favorite JRPG.

Some games I'd like to see (look better of course) on the Vita
Final Fantasy 6, 7,8,9
Chrono Trigger
Chrono Cross
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD and Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD
Arc the Lad

Just to name a few but don't see your game on this list then sound of on twitter and let your... tweet be heard!

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