Thursday, May 30, 2013

Superior Spider-Man gets a costume change come August

For those of you reading up on Superior Spider-Man Otto Octavious has taken the mantle and it might have taken August's 15th issue but he'll be returning to his roots with his new found body and Spider-Man costume. Otto will don a darker toned costume, sharper and longer talons, mirrored lenses, prehensile arms similar to the Iron-Spider and his Dr. Octopus costume. Reminiscent of Ben Reily's older costume and an unused concept of Alex Ross for the Sam Raimi 2002 Spider-Man film. 

The new costume is being introduced during new story arc "Run, Goblin, Run!!" it takes Superior Spidey vs Hobgoblin during Otto's battle with Kingpin and the Shadowland forces. 

Is Spidey-Ock going to be a bad boy and go to far again? Stay tuned and stalk your local Midtown Comics and or local comic book stores this August.

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