Thursday, April 11, 2013

What fans are expecting from The Walking Dead Season 4

To say me and other fans of The Walking Dead were highly disappointed with this season 3 finale is an understatement, Nothing matched up except for characters who were included in the arc. Here are some things that can be redeemed to us comic fans and other fans alike.

While watching season 3 The Walking Dead season 3 i always had a feeling that the prison would be split into two seasons why? Because of how big the arc was it'd be unfair to introduce it and leave it at the fight and death of certain characters and so we have it now it's going to continue into season 4 with it's hopeful reimanging of the fatal storyline:

  • The Governor to me felt like he was just beginning to spiral into madness and insanity during season 3 so in season 4 fans are expecting him to act more like he does in the comic book which is ruthless and careless of others in his actions.
  • Some time is going to have to pass since Phil went AWOL at the end of season 3, where could he go? Planning and strategies to meet up with our prison survivors again or be prepared for them to come back to Woodbury.
  • Woodbury should return to it's formal glory of a safe haven to draw in new residents and the only ones who know who the Governor truly is are his right hand men.
  • The Prison is a dark story line a lot of messed and traumatic things happen to the cast and those things should be broadcasted, this season for me having read the comics lacked a lot of the gritty moments that made this arc something to marvel at.
  • Fear Factor! As i read through the story in the comics i feared the Governor in every page (That's hard to do I've been reading comics for years.) Now that it's live action it's time to make me afraid of Sunday nights as my DVR is turned to the Walking Dead.
  • Rick and Tyrese finally have been brought together and now it's time to showcase the friendship and bond these two share as leaders in there own right Tyrese isn't afraid to call rick out on anything when he doesn't make sense.
  • Prison exploration is still possible with more people we can discover iconic locations in the prison and move onto more of the prison that the TV only fans might not know.

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