Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Could Thanos appear in Iron Man 3 next month?!

For fans anticipating what Marvel is doing with the excellent phase two movies we have to look forward to Iron Man 3 starts us off with a now smarter Tony Stark realizing his small problems and quite possibly thinking about the worldwide threats with Mandarin giving him a run for his armor.

Let's not forget what we have to smirk at us in 2015 though Thanos the mad titan is coming and with his confirmed appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy (Pre Infinity Gauntlet), and another appearance in Avengers 2 can a little middle ground be in the works for the Mad Titan?

Having a three movie contract can be just what Thanos ordered but why you ask? I'll let you know here:

  • Thanos first officially appeared in Iron Man #55 (Feb 1973) 
  • Towards the end of Iron Man 3 wouldn't it get us nerds out of seats if we see none other than Thanos appear at the top of Stark tower?
  • The Blood Brothers also have a stake in this the brothers were the ones who beat up Iron Man for a little while.
  • Drax telepathically warns Iron Man about the brothers.. but he's a little busy getting beat up to really appreciate the warning.
  • The two venture to a desert base where they meet Thanos and are both able to defeat the brothers and go after Thanos to reveal something shocking.
If those above things were to happen at some point at the end of Iron Man 3 i will hereby take back all the bad things I've said about him.. So get ready guys and see if Marvel can make someone an Iron fan yet. 

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