Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Joker is in Batman: Arkham Origins!

What better way to commemorate the announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins than by confirming that other villains from Batman's famed rouge gallery are making the cut... and none other than the clown prince of crime The Joker! If you can't see him even though I've enlarged the picture he's in the middle  right corner smiling at you because you can't see him unless you look closely.

No word as of yet confirming if all the villains you can spot will appear in the game as villains you face off against or if they will simply make appearances but now it's time I make the controversial statement revolving who should voice Joker:

John DiMaggio
Micheal Emmerson

Mark Hamill's retired from voicing Joker and don't get me wrong we love his unique voice work as the clown prince but others have proven to be great at voicing Joker and they should be given the chance to shine with the talent they have shown. 

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