Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Pokedex Entry #2 - Arzuros

Yet another entry in my Monster Hunter Ultimate Pokedex and today we have the cuddly but spiky blue bear Arzuros! Other bears might try to snatch your picnic baskets, others want to kill you because you didn't invite them to the town birthday party, or others can be able to fly because of a bird.. Ok I'll stop now and continue.

Much like Bane if this bear hugs you your done quite literally not only is this bear strong like you would expect but he literally can shake you until all the money out of your pockets come out. Another dangerous thought i know you might be having "Oh MrDarkPhoenix i got this bear it can't be a threat from distances?"

Isn't that cute.. BUT IT'S WRONG! This giant bear is no stranger to speed and can zip across the field and swipe at you with it's claws so don't get to cocky.. Ok get a little bit cocky he's most likely a beginning boss and should be easy with the right strategy and evasion techniques.

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