Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A replica Sky Hook... Big Daddy please!

Hey Bioshock Infinite fans... See how bad ass the Sky Hook is and want one of you own to play with? Then have you come to the right blog because they will be making one! NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) will be making gamers dreams come true as they bring us the replica of the Skyhook coming to stores when the game releases. The life size 1:1 prop is as big as you would expect the weapon to be in real life and it kinda sorta works.. well you know the mechanized sound affects and your imagination are more than enough to make this collectible awesome item shine.. just don't think it's real. It's the motorized function and the spinning gears that will happen once you squeeze the trigger i know it's so much fun! For $79.99 you can order the item from but don't expect to walk into your favorite Gamestop store or out of it also, the item is only available online and will be released 2.26.2013

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