Monday, January 14, 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Pokedex Entry #3 - Lagombi

Before i start my final Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Pokedex Entry i have to say this.. DO NOT CALL HIM A KANGAROO.. HE'S A BUNNY! All the carrots and what's up docs cant save us from this fanged beast creature Lagombi, to survive the cold winters nights and the winter solider jokes Lagombi sports only the finest fur for himself which keeps him nice and snuggled warm. Much like Chill Penguin from Mega Man X his belly is exposed for making sliding easier and getting to you faster if your reflexes are poor.

Remember how with Volvido you needed cold drinks to survive the hot atmosphere well now in the cold environment your going to have to run yourself to Dunkin Donuts for a nice hot drink! Hot Chocolate gets the blood pumping if you ask me! He can hold you in place with his attacks and come swiping at you with it's claws like it's brothers so be aware of it's traps and gimmicks and you'll be having his life bar his zero before you know it.

Another ice cold fact... your stamina goes down being in the cold so like i said stock up on that coffee and herbal tea it will be needed. Since it's my last entry I'll give you another survival tip, in the game you'll be given Sonic Boom's which make opponents with big rabbit ears.. you fill in the blank gamer I can't be the master hunter you got to learn on your own.

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