Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Luigi's Mansion Multiplayer.. I aint fraid of no ghosts!

Nintendo has announced a multiplayer option for the newest 3DS game Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, They've confirmed one mode so far Hunter Mode will consist of you and three other Luigi's (Different colors of course) scaling and de-ghosting a ghostly tower known as the ScareScraper and your four player job is. to send this grisly ghouls back to their tombs! Levels come in factions of 5, 10 or 25 levels are available to play with and don't worry if you get downed you can keep on playing... as long as you get revived by a fellow Luigi you'll be back to stopping ghosts from making pottery. At the top of each tower you'll have to defeat a boss in order to move on to the next so get ready for Staypuff Marshmellow Men, Ghost Dad's, and the King Boo of our tower of scares.

Luigi's Mansion will be spooking your 3DS March 24th and all you guys get your friends to get it and enjoy the ScareScraper!

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