Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Issac rocks N7 armor in Dead Space 3!

This wouldn't be the first game to have N7 armor as a bonus costume when Final Fantasy 13-2 had Noelle and Serah  sporting the armor it looked awesome and let it be known Dead Space 3 will be making the armor crossover available to gamers when the game releases. Don't you love it when costumes from other games have the clothes make it and have you looking even more bad ass? How to acquire the armor i bet your asking

  1. Have a Mass Effect 3 save file
  2. Purchase and Play the full Dead Space 3 experience 
  3. Equip Issac with your new N7 armor

One last thing before i finish this article, since two heads could be better than one if you play the game co-op your partner is not alone and he gets N7 armor also!

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