Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Come with me if you want to live X-Men

It's no secret that Days of Future Past is going to be the First Class sequel to the X-men movies, and Mark Millar being the awesome consultant of Fox is trying to get a Terminator vibe going with the sequel.

Terminator vibe meaning what you ask? Well the one thing that was missing in the original two movies were the lack of the Sentinels:

The big bad robot mutant killers whose appearances are page filled during Days of Future Past and why not properly and finally introduce them to the movies in a better light. Plus the Terminator vibe is going to be perfect with the added affects of the past, future, and superheroes i mean come on who doesn't want to watch Hugh Jackman as Wolverine tear into some Sentinels live action!? With the direction we are most definitely getting a bigger picture and even more of a vision than the original movies and i cant wait to see what is thrown at us in this movie as we know more.

If anyone should be in the fight in the future it's CABLE and BISHOP!!

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