Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kick ass 2 movie rated R... well duhhh!

In 2010 we were introduced to Kick-Ass the movie about a comic book nerd (Like us) who wondered why no one could be a superhero, so instead of saying it he went and did it! Adopted his own persona and everything.. things didn't quite go as planned when he realized what happens when you out on a suit and call yourself a hero you will piss someone off and they will stop at nothing to kill you and stop at nothing to make sure you never bother them... but as a comic book nerd he knew that right? Well the Kick Ass sequel comics Balls to the Wall came out and i was the first to read them with my podcast co-host and it was a roller coaster of everything we love in comics!! My god the everything Kick Ass 2 brought to the page was so much more hyped than the original not to spoil but since the movie sequel will be based on the comics.. we are in for a lot!

Let's not forget about lil Mindy aka Hit-Girl the star of the show of sorts, she's a lil girl who can blow your head off faster than you can blink and man has she grown up since Kick Ass she's a grown ass lil woman folks and this sequel is going to prove that as well as go through some dark times and a lot of bloody and gory fight scenes (Which i hope will be longer since it's a movie. You thought she was bad ass before... give this movie the chance to show us that she wasn't at full power until now.

You thought you knew Red Mist? Well your in for a brand new character filled with rage and revenge he goes all out and stops at nothing to stop Kick Ass and everything i mean everything is at stake this time. This movie since i read all the comics of Kick Ass 2 Balls to the Wall is shaping up to be another masterpiece in itself and i can't wait to hear more about it and see it for myself, i personally am looking forward also to  filming will begin in the fall and i only ask that the fight scenes be as gory and well choreographed and long and they get comic fans as other characters in the book!

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