Friday, August 3, 2012

Either way if you don't buy this game... he will find you!!!

Expendables 2 or as i like to call it "Chuck Norris and his bitches" is coming and of course you know the movie tie in game had to be released along with it. I know what your thinking though most movie games suck... and i wont lie they sometimes pretty much do but games like X-Men Origins Wolverine for PS3 and Xbox360 proved that movie games can be good, so why not a game that is most likely going to feature Chuck Norris and his likeness he wouldn't sell his name to an inferior product.. the man did a World Of Warcraft commercial!! The game itself will feature 4 player co-op from an arcade style third person perspective. Characters from the movie and the sequel will most likely be playable: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jet Li, Chuck Norris and more should be in our control as playable characters down the line.

Although the game has been giving off mixed signals and non existent information which may not be good depending on if the game is still in development or not, i can say though that whether or not the footage looked promising and adding in the characters from the movie as playable characters then the mere fact that we can play as Chuck Norris is going to give the game some added buzz and attention not to mention what kind of broken things we can do as the one and only! In the meantime i hope the game didn't get the axe because it looks pretty fun to play with friends and given whether or not it's an arcade title can really help since it doesn't need a full game price tag at this point.

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