Monday, July 9, 2012

Nintendo loves to put XL things in our hands while on the go

We all know Nintendo by now, make a portable system then months later make the XL version for a cheaper price so now the 3DS will be getting it's large and in charge makeover coming to us in August and with the choice of white and blue colors so far. While the screen wont be as jaw dropping or advanced as the Playstation Vita it still offers you a lot for your money as long as the resolution stays the same because why not go even blinder with a drastically bigger screen and glasses free 3D. With games like Kingdom Hearts 3D and other great games coming out it's really in Nintendo's favor to convince us (Like myself) to go out and buy a system with a bigger screen and sealing the deal with a library of games that will not only have me throwing my money and keep me at the top of the list for 3DS games. So far Red, Blue, and White are confirmed to be coming but if you know Nintendo like i do then with the August release date the holiday season prompts colors like Black, Pink, Purple and maybe that Pokemon Yellow remake system we've been waiting for?

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