Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Michelle Pfeiffer down to don the leather suit again?!... If asked of course

We all know that Michelle Pfeiffer and her portrayal of the sexy and seductive Catwoman was an iconic role and redefined acting and taking a character to the absolute best and leaving an impression of nerds everywhere. With Anne Hatthaway taking the mantle of Selina Kyle/ Catwoman in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, i personally am super excited to see i won't be going to compare roles since that's unfair to both actresses instead I'm looking at this as an experience to see how Anne has incorporated herself and how far she is taking her amazing skills at acting to portray a darker more realistic version of our favorite thief and love interest for the Batman.

Ever wonder how Michelle Pfeiffer would do if she donned the costume again in this modern day movie world as Catwoman? I think that sometimes also but i feel that Michelle Pfeiffer should have her few minutes as an older Catwoman passing on the mantle to her daughter, not only would that give us the original Catwoman at work in new surroundings but it also gives a passing the torch feeling to whoever they cast in the reboot since we know she'll be in it somehow. In a catshell Michelle stated that if someone asked her to do it she would do it would be interesting to see if she still has that cat madness left as she's still in psychical prime they would have to change the suit to one that isn't so skin tight but hey you never know. What i do know is i cant wait to see Anne rock this role in her greatness.. Thursday 11:59pm COME SOONER!

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  1. I agree. I would love to have seen Michelle Pfeiffer as an older Catwoman retiring.