Thursday, June 21, 2012

Young Justice continues its Legacy on consoles... are you ready?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends set the bar for fun comic book experiences that you and three other friends can enjoy (Me and my mom also we beat those games since she likes comics and co-op games.) DC tried making an answer to that with Justice League Heroes... we don't talk about that too much anymore sadly. Now with Young Justice being an awesome show and franchise they are combining two timeless things comic book based game with action rpg elements and that is the formula to a successful game in my book and looking at the gameplay its going to be quite the fun experience for all. Young Justice will however feature 12 playable characters on the heroes side for us to choose from.

No word on whether the villains will be playable or if somewhere down the line they'll add the "Play as the villains pack" but so far on the heroes side we've got a lot of popular heavy hitters i cant wait to get my hands on. Just to give you a rundown of some of the gameplay with the heroes:

  • Artemis is going to be your archer - Long range attacks, AOE, Arrow Rain etc
  • Nightwing is going to be your rouge - Fast hitting attacks, Projectiles, Batons, Glass health
  • Zatanna is going to be your magic user - Endless possibilities depending on where they let the magic go
  • Superboy is going to be your tank - Powerful attacks, Strong defense... weak to the green rock
That's all I've got so far and looking at the gameplay this game is going to be fun as hell with only 12 characters filling the games roster is a little weird then again Marvel Ultimate Alliance had over 30 because they explored the Marvel Universe so with this game bridging the gap between Seasons 1 and 2 of Young Justice the roster will grow with time and of course DLC. 

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