Friday, June 22, 2012

You iron fans are so easy to troll... upgrade your specs!

My brother a huge Iron Man fan went into a frenzy when those pictures were put online of the Iron Patriot and the nerd rage and speculation set in and i was like it's not him it's way to early and there is no way they can introduce Iron Patriot without giving Normon Osborne a live action shot before that.

Sorry to possibly break it to you guys but that's not iron patriot! It's a paint job on War Machine's armor and the person behind it... a stuntman for Don Cheadle aka War Machine. So everyone mad or hype can be put to rest.. but with no word from Marvel i say I'm 50-50 just to be on the safe side, all in all though this new "Suit Design" can be one of the following:

  • Government Propaganda: Think about it Captain America is representing the red, white, and blue and since we all know Iron Man isn't going to inspire any troops they figure why not have the Government equivalent War Machine spotting a new American style.
  • Parade of heroes?: This could be only a prototype with the intention of getting soilders to enlist in a program and or funding for armor like the one you see.
  • Saving the best for last?!: What if at the end of Iron Man 3 unknown people are taking the remaining parts of the red, white and blue armor into crates and sending them to... OSCORP!! thus giving us a hint to what is yet to come.
  • An Easter egg: Cap's prototype shield in iron man 2, the infinity gauntlet in Thor, Atlantis on the shield map, Wakanda on the shield map.. Marvel loves teasing us with Easter eggs and this time they got you guys good.
  • The government has control over what they can't handle: They use the new design against Aim and the Mandarin until Tony intervenes to stop it.   

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