Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love traveling to new places as a caped crusader.. and Catwoman

Just when i thought i Bataranged, flipped over, staffed and whipped my way through the challenge maps of Batman: Arkham City here comes some new scenery to test my skills against... well everyone.

First up we have Batman and his home  away from home the Batcave a personal requested map i wanted to see finally brought to life is a breath of fresh air and proves yet again that Rocksteady and the team are listning and know what there doing and we are in for a lot more surprises from them.

The Batmobile and the Batplane make cameos in the Batcave map obviosuly but what im hoping and wont happen is being able to use them in combat but funny dreams aside its great to see the detail they put into an awesome challenge map such as this one.

Next up we got the Iceberg lounge inspired by Penguin and Mr. Freeze gives the meaning the cold shoulder a lot more purpose since you'll be breaking bones and scratching everyone.

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