Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What we're gonna do right here is go back Way back Back into time

Well Gears gamers we are offered our next piece of DLC and damn it i must say i'm glad to see Epic Games going the Call of Duty route and giving us a map pack and that's it Gears focuses on the award winning and noteworthy story as well as the multiplayer which is excellent for the people that don't go on live that will now purchase the story based DLC. We take the Lancer's of Zeta squad which consists Cog members: Lt. Minh Young Kim (Try saying that three times fast.) Tai (Before his.... personal shaving issues with a shotgun.) New female Alicia Velera and Barrick.

Our pre journey with Zeta Squad involves killing Locusts obviously but more than that the story DLC is at least 3hrs long! Way to go Epic Games for taking your time and putting every bit of effort into this cant wait for more awesomeness from you guys. Our journey doesn't begin with just that they've made sure this is going to make canon sense to Gears of War 1 so the Lambents don't show up under any circumstance (Way to cater to story die hards also Epic.) 

Just one last surprise for you guys if your planning on recruiting your friends to the COG they will sport new weapons: The Retro Sawed Off Shotgun, and maulers a shield that reflects bullets. Gotta say i'm glad for Epic stepping up to the plate and giving us this much content for our DLC for Gears, i cant wait for more missions and places and instances all over the world of Gears in DLC. 

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