Thursday, January 19, 2012

DC Needs to make Batman: The Last Arkham into an animated movie

Oh boy guys one of the literal craziest storylines that DC has brought to us is on my list of "Needs to be an animated movie." I hope you all didn't think i forgot about it or anything.

Just for the sake of argument this movie has to be R-rated with the disturbing images, blood, mental trauma and downright normal things that happen in Arkham, 1:30min runtime.

This movie needs to take us on a tour of the famous Asylum for Gotham's crazy house for murderers, psychos and downright evil individuals, the bloody walls of haunting words of the insanity they suffer through, the horrific images of what actually goes down in an asylum of this magnitude.

The old Arkham Asylum is destroyed by Jeremiah Arkham who inherits it from Amadaeus Arkham his deceased uncle... that's one heck of a thing to leave to someone in a will.

Zsasz is one of the main characters of this tale of murder and bloodshed, murders that have Zsasz and his bloody knife on the scene it seems like he did it right?

Batman does the... next level of unthinkable and decides that in order to prove Zsasz guilty he and Commissioner Gordon hatch a genius plan to stage Batman's insanity.... (Shouldn't be hard right?) to gain him access to Arkham Asylum and investigate.

A lot of villain cameo's would be nice in this kind of movie: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Riddler, Clayface, Two-face, Ventriloquist etc just to name a few of the villains that can turn this movie into a mental roller coaster of insanity.

I would imagine The Joker as Mark Hammill since a movie this dark and twisted needs to be portrayed by the man whose vocal range as the Clown Prince knows just the bounds you need. Sadly he "retired" from the role but a few speaking parts and images would be ok not full dialogue would be ok with his voice included.

Kevin Conroy should get the call to be Batman in this i would love to see how far he can delve into insanity with this kind of movie and his job as a well known and talented Batman voice actor.

Zsasz bluntly murders people no sugar coats or anything just vicious stabbings and he goes on his way... until Nightwing comes tot he rescue.

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