Monday, January 16, 2012

My Cast Monday: Catwoman/ Selina Kyle

Emmanuelle Chriqui:

She's got the look to play the part of Selina (As you can see) she's got the attitude so all thats left is the absolute mentality which i know she can pull off.

Emily Blunt:

The reason i picked this picture is because it proves to me that she has the looks, the stare alone is enough for me that she can kill the role of an adrenaline seeking woman with a dark past and a future as whatever she wants.
Katee Sackhoff:

Damn you guys my final actress who should play Catwoman is none other than the massively talented Katee Sachoff i'm convinced her range for crazy would take us all on a ride as the claw scratching whip wielding thief in the night we would never forget, her looks also give her that strong woman you know better than to mess with aura.  

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